Vintage Silk Kantha Jacket

by: Simply Kitsch

Description: Stylish halter neck jacket in handcrafted vintage kantha jacket. Disclaimer : This product uses the traditional Kantha technique of layering old pieces of cloth over a base fabric and stitching them together with the simple running stitch to create a new, more durable fabric. The kantha work seen in this product was done by hand by expert artisans who use their color schemes and traditional patterns, using them with slight changes every time they embroider. The product also uses old textiles as part of the layers, hence each piece in this collection carries one-of-a-kind embroidery and no two products will be exactly alike in colors & patterns. The trims for each piece will be same as the picture.


Material: Woven,Silk With Cotton.

XS: Length - 26in, Bust - 36in, Waist - 30in
S: Length - 26in, Bust - 38in, Waist - 32in
M: Length - 26in, Bust - 40in, Waist - 33in
L: Length - 26in, Bust - 42in, Waist - 34in

The measurements given above are garment measurements.


Type: Jacket

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