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If you identify with any of these scenarios read further:
Every time spring rolls around, you carefully remove all your heavy Indian clothes, wrapped in muslin and dust them off only to carefully return them to the back of the closet again Your shelves are groaning under the burden of unworn clothes
You have wondered what to do about that designer anarkali or lehenga that you have already worn to your best friend’s wedding and to your cousin’s sangeet?    
So what can you do with clothes that are too nice to throw away but already repeated too much?
At Vintage Desi, we have come up with a unique and cost effective way to sell your gently worn clothes to others. We will list your clothes from known designers in good to excellent condition at attractive prices, and give you cold hard cash once they are sold to splurge on your next purchase (and maybe you will find a great designer outfit on Vintage Desi itself!)
+How do I sell my outfit at Vintage Desi?
+I have emailed the Sellers submission form and photographs to Vintage Desi. What do I do now?
+What are the benefits?

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