FAQs for sellers


How do I sell my outfit at Vintage Desi?

Check out our sizing guide and fill out the Sellers submission form to provide us with details and measurements of the outfit

Click at least 2 photographs of the outfit. Hang your outfit and make sure there is adequate lighting. If you have been photographed in the outfit, send us those. Sarees need to be draped and photographed.


Email the form and photographs to:


Local designers can email us professional photos and details about their brand

Who can sell on Vintage Desi?

Local Designers looking to expand their customer base and become part of the e-commerce revolution Individuals wondering how to free up that closet space and find a new home for their gently used designer clothes

What are the benefits?

Great advertising! Gets you connected to buyers directly Zero listing fees! Once your garment is sold you get to keep the majority percentage of the sale
Be a modern Indian shopper, give a chance to let someone else share the experience of enjoying the outfit you once cherished Extra moolah! Good condition designer clothes, kept at the back of your closet translates to hard cash! (who can argue with that)
Freeing up of wardrobe space – sign me up now!

I have emailed the Sellers submission form and photographs to Vintage Desi. What do I do now?

Now you just wait to hear from us! We will carefully go over your submission and determine if your outfit will be a good fit for us

Once Approved, we will:

  • Share pricing information
  • Arrange pickup of your outfit

Once we receive your outfit, after a final inspection we will list your outfit on our website

Once your outfit is sold we will send your payment through check

All the information you send to us is confidential. Please visit our Privacy Policy for further information