FAQs for buyers_old

+Why should I buy an outfit from Vintage Desi?
Access to loads of highly sought-after designer clothes at a fraction of the actual price. Indulge yourself in the latest designs without breaking the bank and rarely repeat an outfit at your special occasions!
Celebrities from around the world wear outfits that have been borrowed from designers, some of which have been worn before. Shopping from the comfort of your house. You can browse our e-store from home, office or coffee shop and have the outfit shipped from us within 7 business days.
+Is it safe to buy an outfit that has been “once worn”?
+How do I know the outfit will fit me?
+How do I measure myself?
+How do I make a payment for the outfit I want to purchase?

For more information on the payment gateway and accepted payment partners please visit the DirecPay website


If you have any questions or concerns about the fit, outfit or anything in general please do not hesitate to contact us at vintagedesi@gmail.com