NEEHARA” that translates to “dew drops” representing feminity. Neehara believes in the modern woman that balances the conservative yet diverse Indian culture and the open Western culture.
Neehara brings to you modern ethnic wear for every woman, that can be worn at any occasion. Indo-western outfits created with expert craftsmanship and royal ensembles with silhouette fusions of "Gowns" and "Lehengas", every piece showcases the versatility with exquisite embroidery blended with stylishly cut western silhouettes which are brought alive with vibrant colors and adorned with beautiful embellishments, crystals and sequins.
The Indo-Western outfits are designed to create traditional Indian outfits with a tinge of western comfort to bridge the gap and make Indian women more comfortable with their traditional families.
The"Bird tale Collection":
The Bird Tale collection is the latest and unique theme used to design our current range of outfits. The design uses different characteristics of birds in our designs and embroideries.The characteristics have been inspired from different migratory birds that migrate to our country during the summers. The weather based theme uses a variety of eye-catching embroideries and pleasing colors that will make you look outstanding in the crowd.